Dyno Performance Tuning for Improved MPH, MPG & RPMs

Dyno performance tuning is the answer if you want to maximize your vehicle’s capacity for speed. It’s the answer if you want to get the maximum gas mileage from your engine. It’s also the answer if you want a smooth ride and reliable performance – or if you want a combination of all the above.

This highly advanced technology, when utilized by experienced technicians, can provide comprehensive engine diagnostics. Using that data, the techs work their tuning magic to achieve your specific goals – including whatever type of performance enhancement you might fancy – safely and effectively.


The Process Begins with Dyno Performance Diagnostics

Using the dyno for diagnostics is the most advanced approach we have for identifying potential problems. In fact, you might call it automotive troubleshooting on steroids.

Whether you’re having problems with gas mileage, hard starts or performance issues like pinging or missing, the dyno will identify the source. And, with the report in-hand, the techs can make specific suggestions for performance modifications that will help achieve your goals.

How Dyno Performance Tuning Works

You may have had your vehicle tuned before but, until you have it dyno tuned, it’s never been truly tuned. That’s because dyno performance tuning is a truly custom process.

The dyno – or, more formally, the dynamometer – simulates the conditions your vehicle experiences over the road. Under road load, the dyno provides highly detailed readings of your engine’s force and power. Specifically, it provides data on horsepower, torque and RPM. It also provides compression data, which provides valuable information about your engine’s capacity and relative health.

Using that data obtained during the baseline dyno pull, technicians can then take the desired actions to achieve your goals.

Performing the Dyno Tune or Performance Mods

Depending on the objectives, technicians will adjust various settings and components, such as fuel pressure, spark, timing, exhaust, ignition, or changing shift points. In most cases, this is done through your vehicle’s onboard computer (ECU) – think of it as writing a program for improved engine performance. And all of this can be done in most cases without popping the hood of your car.

If you’re planning on doing modifications, this is the time.

Once adjustments are made or mods installed, the techs put the vehicle back on the dyno for a re-test. You’ll be able to see the performance differences in a graphic readout.

At this point, if you’re intent on squeezing every drop of performance out of your engine, the techs can tweak the programming again (and again and again, if you so choose), until they’ve achieved true peak performance.

At RUSH Diesel & Automotive in Midvale UT, we have the experience necessary to get your gas or diesel engine operating at maximum speed and capacity. We combine advanced dyno technology with plain, old-fashioned experience – something that you can’t find in a book or training class – to give you the best possible results. Contact us today to learn more, or to schedule dyno performance tuning for your vehicle.